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Looking for options to convert your old bus to Euro VI emissions?

From specification to installation our team does it all, including repower programs for pre-Euro VI vehicles, ready for low emissions zones. From day one, fleet performance goes up and service requirements go down. With new engines at the heart of your repowered fleet, your hard-working buses can be as efficient as possible, for years to come.
Looking to replace your tired Euro VI engine with new?

The first Euro VI engine installations may be nearing the end of their useful life - so let Cummins give them a new one. Talk to us about new B4.5 and B6.7 engines, stocked straight from the Cummins Darlington production line, with all the latest improvements and full warranties. We can replace aftertreatment with factory-built systems.
DROP-IN:  The repower package is a drop-in design, including all necessary mountings and connections. 
A BETTER WAY TO EURO VI:  As a fully certified Euro VI installation this mandates a useful emissions life of up to 700,000 km and conforms to Cummins strict Installation Quality Audit (IQA) seal of excellence. Featuring an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) control system to alert the operator should a fault cause emission thresholds to be exceeded.  
READY FOR LEZ:  The introduction of Euro VI enforcing low and ultra-low emission zones in UK cities provides a further incentive to ensure your fleet can operate on any route to meet air quality improvement commitments. As a further benefit, Cummins Euro VI engines can run without modification on B20 biodiesel or HVO renewable diesel fuel. 
ALL NEW:  The Euro VI engine & aftertreatment is an all-new build and comes with the same ratings and coverage as in a new bus installation. The repower extends the life of the bus by up to eight years and brings not just a cost-effective investment, but a performance upgrade with features including improved torque response so that the bus drives with less effort.

Tried and Tested

The Cummins repower solution is offered currently around the ADL Enviro 400 double-deck bus, where a number of buses have now been repowered and operated successfully.

The clean vehicle retrofit accreditation scheme (CVRAS) testing demonstrated emission reductions even lower than the Euro VI emission standard. This testing has shown that the Euro VI repower has led to the E400 bus producing 99% less NOx and 17% less CO2 in comparison to when it was powered by a Euro V engine.

Repowering the Routemaster

An early proof of concept was established by a Cummins B4.5 repower of London Routemaster bus RM1005 which first entered service in 1962 and is now fully certified to meet Euro VI emissions and is Low Carbon certified due to a remarkable fuel efficiency of 9.5 mpg. The Routemaster was considered the most challenging bus to repower due to a very restricted powertrain envelope. See the success of this project on our video here: 

A decision based on quality

Your decision to choose a new Cummins engine for replacement or repower will always make good business sense. We stand behind the quality of our Euro VI bus and coach engines with a factory-backed, fully comprehensive Base Engine Warranty for the first two years of operation. And, as your engine purchase is a long-term investment you can count on our Extra Cover Warranty to protect your engine for up to five years from the first date in service, with a highly cost-effective choice of coverage options enabling operators to protect engine assets from any unexpected costs.

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